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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

"The Rock" on Ellis Island

Can't make it to San Francisco to tour the U.S.'s most notorious prison, Alcatraz? Well now you can get a sense of its infamous history at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. While visiting the Alcatraz: Life on the Rock exhibit, you can learn what life was like as an Alcatraz prisoner, and what is being done today to preserve this historic landmark.

This traveling exhibit, now at Ellis Island through Jan. 16, uses panels, artifacts, audiovisual and more to tell the story of how Alcatraz Island went from fort to prison to National Park.Exhibit covers its use as an Army prison, life on the inside as a prisoner, the 1968 Native American occupation, and preservation and restoration efforts.

Ellis Island meant freedom for many, while Alcatraz Island meant imprisonment. Contemplate the difference, and learn more about the U.S.'s great history at Alcatraz: Life on the Rock.

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