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Monday, November 07, 2011

Documentary festival arrives at the American Museum of Natural History

Fans of documentary film will want to be sure to check out the 35th annual Margaret Mead Film Festival on Nov. 10 to 13 at the American Museum of Natural History.

Named for the famed anthropologist, who often used film to depict how human beings relate with one another, the Margaret Mead Film Festival is the place to view distinguished documentaries from across the globe. Attendees will view films that deal with a variety of challenging subjects and have the chance to engage with the filmmakers about these topics.

Highlights of this year's festival include:

Grande Hotel, directed by Lotte Stoops - This film tells the story of the once opulent Grande Hotel in Mozambique that is now home to about 3,000 squatters. The history of the hotel reflects the history of the country in which it resides.

Flames of God, directed by Meshakai Wolf - Telling the story of Muzafer Bislim, a Romani pop star who is gaining renown as a poet, this film shows how Bislim uses an invitation to the International Biennial of Poets in Paris as an opportunity to have his 25,000 word, handwritten, multi-dialect Romani dictionary published.

Dreams of Outer Space - This special series by the American Museum of Natural History to help launch its upcoming exhibit, "Beyond Planet Earth: The Future of Space Exploration," opening Nov. 19, will explore human quest to conquer space.

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