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Monday, October 03, 2011

A month for architecture

© Emily Nemens/Center for Architecture

The Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Chrysler Building are just some of the architectural wonders that come to mind when thinking about the iconic New York City skyline. NYC's architecture is so revered that one day, even one week is not enough time to devote to showcasing it to locals and visitors alike.

Enter Archtober; the once week-long event dedicated to architecture and design has expanded to a full month of activities, programs and exhibitions. Throughout the month of October, you can check out special tours, lectures, films and much more designed to show the importance of design in New York City. This is your opportunity to learn more about what makes this city great and meet some of the talented architects behind the next iconic structures.

Archtober events include an architectural boat tour of NYC, a book talk on the High Line and a screening of the film: End of Suburbia. Click here for details on these and other Archtober events.

Fortunately, building the perfect way to get around town, is easier than designing the structures you might see during Archtober. Just contact NYC Limousine, and we will provide you with all of your transportation needs.

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