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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Farm fresh and fabulous

The outdoor food market is a staple of many cultures, as locals from countries around the globe frequent them to find the very best in produce, dairy, fish, poultry and much more. Fortunately for residents and visitors alike, New York City has long embraced the outdoor market and offers a unique opportunity to purchase items directly from the farmers who produce them.

Throughout New York City, the non-profit group GrowNYC operates several greenmarkets. One of the largest and most popular of these is located in Manhattan's Union Square neighborhood, where hundreds of vendors gather to sell their wares. For a more scaled-down version, the Brooklyn Borough Hall market offers a nice selection in a less overwhelming environment.

For information on greenmarket locations and hours of operations visit www.grownyc.org/ourmarkets.

With spring around the corner, the local farmers will soon have quite a bounty to offer market-goers. Let NYC Limousine take you to a greenmarket, and you too can sample the best the area has to offer.

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