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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Explore the rich history of Castle Clinton

New York City's rich history includes Castle Clinton, a national monument located in Battery Park in lower Manhattan that once served as a fort, then a theater and then an immigration station.

Its the monuments last identity that may come as a surprise to visitors to New York. Though Ellis Island is best known for its role in United States immigration, Castle Clinton, known as Castle Garden at the time, opened in 1855, before Ellis Island, making it the first immigration station in the country. During the 34 years Castle Garden operated, more than 8 million people entered the United States.

Hard to imagine, that a place with such a rich history could ever be destroyed, but it almost happened in 1946. Fortunately, Castle Clinton was restored to its original look as a fort. Today, it serves as both a museum and ticket office for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Ferry.

Castle Clinton is open daily (except December 25), 8:30 am - 5:00 PM. Due to inclement weather, the sight might close. Please call ahead. 212-344-7220

If you'd like to take in the historic wonders of Castle Clinton, contact NYC Limo.


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