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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Feed Your Inner Child

We had a friend come over for Book Expo America a few weeks ago. She only had limited time to see the actual city when she wasn't at Javits Center networking and rubbing elbows with celebrity authors. So we made sure she saw the finer (and other memorable) points of Manhattan. We made sure she got her pics of the Imagine mosaic in Central Park, and the chaotic neon and rush of Times Square, plus a short stay in Bryant Park to check her e-mail (one of the few open wifi places in the city). Fine and good for her, but she was really interested in the food. Our kind of gal.

Luckily, too, she has an iron will and an iron stomach. Our friend isn't a fancy teetotaler; they should put her face on the Hungry Man dinners. Anyway, for her first stop for lunch she wanted New York deli, so we zipped her over to Katz's for some hand-cut pastrami, an egg cream, and pickles as thick as a baby's arm. You might know Katz's from the movie When Harry Met Sally (I'll have what she's having...now you remember), but if our friend got any of that she's not telling.

During a brief trek through Chinatown, we stopped at a curious, small place called Fried Dumpling. Here you can get five bulging, steamed pork dumplings for a buck! It fills you up, too. If you work nearby, this is a great cheap lunch.

Now, as most visitors are, our friend was jonesing for an authentic New York hot dog. We advised her against a street cart and steered her instead toward the nearest Gray's Papaya. If
that weren't enough to satisfy her junk craving, it was off for dessert at Crumbs Bake Shop, featuring 30 varieties of the most incredible cupcakes you'll ever eat. We got a box to go, but sadly they didn't make it to dinner, where we finally convinced our friend to enjoy a nice sitdown meal at Becco, an Italian eatery known for its regular, bottomless trio plates. Three pasta specials of the day, as much as you want. Good thing we had the big limo to roll her back to the hotel.

If you're a foodie in the city with time (and the appetite) to spare, why not give us a call and rent a limo? Make sure you pick up something for us, too.

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