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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We only have one planet...

One on which we can live, anyway, that we know of. But if you come to the city next week, you will be able to celebrate the one we have and enjoy. Earth Day is coming soon, and while it doesn't get the same kind of press Christmas does, be assured we go all the way when celebrating it here.

Rather than have everybody commute individually to Grand Central Terminal to engage in activities designed to conserve energy and reduce pollution, we at NYC Limousine encourage the practice of carpooling. In fact, with many of our limousines you can take anywhere from six to fourteen to the big EarthFair where you can sample organic treats and learn more about recycling goods and improving your quality of life the natural way. If you think it isn't easy being green, let us take you to the fair so you can see for yourself.

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