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Friday, October 06, 2006

A Limo Series?

You know, of course, should the Mets and Yankees face off for the ultimate title in baseball that it is referred to as a "subway series." Since the inception of the sport, New York teams have duked it out fifteen times, as the Yanks and Mets, the Yanks and the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Yanks and the NY Giants, and in 1889 the NY Giants and the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers -- the first and only "trolley series"!

At NYC Limousine, we elect to remain neutral where competition between local sports is concerned. Of course, should the Yankees end up going to bat against the [i]Los Angeles[i] Dodgers this time, have no doubt that we'll bleed pinstripes.

If not, NYC Limousine is here to shuttle you from home to stadium, to stadium and back. Why sweat in a crowded subway when you can rent a comfortable passenger van or bus for your group. If you're fortunate to have tickets to any WS game, complement the excitement with the luxury of reliable transportation, courteous service, and room to relax.

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