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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Disregard last post

Well, it appears we won't be escorting Yankees fans to the stadium any more this year, but there's still hope the city will continue to see some October action if the Mets can pull through and bring the World Champions title to the state once again (big advantage to having more than one franchise, you up the chances for getting the trophy). If you are devoted to Mr. Torre, however, we'll be glad to drive you over to Mr. Steinbrenner's office so you can show your support. It seems the owner is taking his time in deciding the manager's fate, which is interesting to note considering the high turnover for the job. The door revolves so quickly it's a wonder we don't get tornadoes in the City.

Anyway, if you're looking for a way to console yourself over the Yankees' loss, there's plenty here to keep you occupied until Spring Training. For on you can immerse yourself in other cultures at this weekend's CultureFest 2006, and learn the customs (and sports) of over 100 countries represented. Let us drive you over to Battery Park for the fun, and then we'll plan that limo series for next summer.

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