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Thursday, February 16, 2006

You're never lost with NYC Limousine

We can definitely assure you, in the event you should leave something behind in one of our limousines, it will be promptly returned. We say this because an upcoming event reminds of an incident that happened in Manhattan many years ago, when famed film director Nick Park of Aardman Studios left two figurines of film characters Wallace and Gromit in the trunk of a New York cab. When you make animated pictures, it isn't wise to leave your stars behind. Luckily, Wallace and Gromit were returned and went on to make more movie magic, all of which you can see at the Museum of the Moving Image. Enjoy the original shorts and the full-length feature The Curse of the Were Rabbit, then learn more about stop-animation filmmaking.

Call for a limo to take you there. We'll treat you like movie stars.

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