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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

You lookin' at me?

So there have been TV shows about taxi drivers, movies about taxi drivers, both hilarious and serious, and documentary programs about taxi riders who tell all. We have to ask...where's the love for the limo chauffeur? Where is the Great American movie script about the ambitious young man, new to the City, who drives his way to fame, fortune, and love by chauffeuring the famous, fortuitous, and lovely?

Haven't written it yet? Well, hope in a limo and we'll take you down to the Gotham Writers' Workshop. You can still sign up for a 10-week course in fiction, playwriting, screenwriting, or numerous other genres. If ever there was a place to bring out the muse, it's the City. And...you never know...that muse may be driving you to your next writing class.

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