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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The City's Gone Country

Seems a bit out of place for New York to host this year's Country Music Association Awards, but if you're near Madison Square Garden tonight you might catch a few famous faces smiling underneath ten-gallon hats. Country Takes NYC celebrated a weeklong tribute to country music leading up to the biggest night for country music, but don't fret if you missed any of it. The city may not be known for churning out as many Garths and Rebas as Nashville does, but you can still get your country fix here year round. Hop in a limo anytime and head to any of these clubs:

9C, 700 E. Ninth St - Home of the Alphabet City Opry, this little bar features live country and bluegrass three nights a week.

The C Note, 157 Ave. C - Live music seven nights a week. The C Note features mainly jazz and acoustic, but country acts do appear regularly.

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