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Friday, September 30, 2005

In a pickle? We'll pick you up!

A newcomer to the City was telling us this story about the time he and his wife were shopping on Orchard St. when all of sudden people came from nowhere, walking zombie-like toward one shop that has just opened its garage door. Guss' Pickles was ready for business, and the business was more than ready for Guss! Sour pickles, half-sours, hot and sweet, and pickle relish...Guss has it all. Our friend mentioned that he hadn't realized how big pickles go over in the City.

This, of course, explains the annual Pickle Festival, coming up on October 2nd. From 11AM to 4:30PM, the old pickle district (we have a district for everything, it seems) of Orchard Street becomes a pickle paradise. You might see Guss, and The Pickle Guys and Sunshine Pickles, and you'll definitely get the chance to sample a variety of flavors and learn the difference between a kosher dill and a half-sour.

When you're done, we'll be happy to pick up your party and whatever pickle-related paraphanalia you picked up along the way.

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